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  3. November 20, 2012 at 7:47 amHey Jeff,I’m always amazed what a valuable lesson that is when I ask all the guests I”ve had. Part of the reason I ask that question is because I think we’re sometimes under the illusion that people were always successful. As far as slowing things down, i’m working on some content to hopefully help with that. It’s not my greatest strength either, but when I can managed to do it, it’s amazing what happens. Reply

  4. nsc();.. e poi ci sono gli scienziati, come Lioneisy Savon, "recenti scoperte … l'efficacia del campo elettromagnetico debole nella cura delle malattie" "nella direzione della contaminazione deferente con altre discipline, in questo caso con la Fisica delle Particelle Elementari". Sapete, adesso curano con i fasci di Gluoni e quarck a Cuba, mica cazzi…cl_sp();

  5. Way cool! I’ve just recently gotten an iphone and only take an occasional picture (because they are just plain boring). So I can’t wait to read and learn how to become better! Thanks so much!

  6. I think you miss the point!Apart from it's place in the Industrial Military Complex the F35 is an integral part of a Western (superiority)alliance of commonality.If ,for example, Israel & the Western Powers decide to attack Iran then an Air Force with a common base will be an asset.

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